Jacob Walker

How to Dress for the Apocalypse

  It’s not often we offer fashion advice here at the Husband. But, a special treat for Apocalypse month, The Collector has found perfect attire for when we all expire.                Sometimes the world ends thanks to the experiments of an evil corporation. Be prepared with this Policeman Uniform from […] Read more

Who’s Fascinated with Space?

It was supposed to have been the 3rd landing on the moon. Not only are the events a shining example of America’s fortitude and ingenuity but it reminded us all of how small and fragile we are. Lovell, Swigert and Haise were met with an explosion 200,000 miles from Earth that guaranteed they wouldn’t experience […] Read more

Automobilia vs. Automobiles

So I have the distinct pleasure and privilege of being a senior auctioneer for the World’s Largest Collectible Auction House, Heritage Auctions. If you’re not familiar with auctions or never heard of Heritage Auctions, the short explanation is Heritage sells all those unique items that interesting people collect!  Are you interesting? Do you like stuff? […] Read more

Introducing The Collector

Wolverine’s claws. The Terminator’s arm. Buzz Aldrin’s underwear. This guy’s job is pretty amazing. Here’s Jacob. I have a unique and almost mystical profession. In the last few years I’ve experienced a number of age related milestones, which have forced me to evaluate my goals, expectations and intentions in life. I keep coming back to […] Read more