The Boy Who Trucked With Crows

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The Boy Who Trucked With Crows

Once upon a time, in a land far away, there was a village called Brightsbane, where it was always nighttime, even at the height of day. A wizard, you see, had stolen the sun from the sky many years before. The stories said that he swallowed it right down. But the stories have been wrong before.

Welcome to Brightsbane, a strange fairy tale land where you’ll find brave children, evil wizards, magical fountains, monsters under the bed, demons under the lake, and wayward rogues who wander about even after they’ve been hanged until dead.

Despite the complete lack of sunshine, the future’s looking bright for Brightsbane, at least from my point of view. I’m working on a brand new series of novels that take place in the nighttimelands, and by way of introduction, I’ve also started a series of short Brightsbane fairy tales.

And the first one has just been officially published.

“The Boy Who Trucked With Crows” is about a young boy who is afraid of almost nothing. He doesn’t fear the monsters under his bed or the spiders that crawl through his house or the skin that forms atop a kettle of boiling milk. In fact, there’s only one thing the boy fears.

He is deathly afraid of the scarecrows that stand quietly in the field outside his window.

“The Boy Who Trucked With Crows” is a creepy, modern-Gothic fairy tale in the style of Tim Burton and Edward Gorey. And it’s available on Amazon, starting today, for just 99 cents.

Happy Halloween, gang.





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