The Best Thing About Destiny


A lot has been said about the much hyped game Destiny. And, while it never much peaked his interest, this week Jim finally succumbs to the peer pressure and plays the new game with some old friends. Here’s Jim. 


I will confess here: I was never much of a Halo player.

I am also not an MMO player, specifically because I am afraid of them. Not afraid of other players or doing poorly at PVP, but afraid that I would end up like the people you read about on the internet who do nothing but play and their spouses leave them, their pets die, etc. This is why I originally had no interest in Bungie’s Destiny at all. Zero. Nothing. I didn’t even read preview articles about it. (Except for one about Peter Dinklage’s now immortal delivery of the line “That wizard came from the moon.”)

My friends at the local GameStop did everything they could to get me to purchase the game, and not simply to make the sale or hit a quota– they’re all really into the game and wanted me to partake in the same fun they were having. But I just couldn’t warm up to the title. I mean, everything I knew about the game seemed like I wouldn’t enjoy it. And I still have a luddite’s abhorrence to online-only games. I would be completely content skipping it and playing other stuff.

A week or so after the game’s release, I got a text from former coworker/fellow DWHer Dale Alexander stating that he’d traded a bunch of stuff for a PlayStation 4 and a copy of Destiny.

Oh, reeeeally?

Dale’s tastes in games greatly mirror my own. (Although I’m pretty sure he doesn’t play any vampire-stripping games. He is too much of a gentleman for that.) This piqued my interest in Destiny for the first time ever. I was especially excited due to the fact he’d picked up a PS4. Our Xbox 360 Left 4 Dead/Borderlands/Call Of Duty days had long since passed and I was the only member of our online-gaming group to have picked up the new console on launch day. With this news, I looked forward to playing something with him in the future, but not quite Destiny.

Then I got another text. Everett, another friend/member of our group, picked up a PS4 and Destiny. This could not be a fluke. Another friend getting a new console to play the game? Maybe there was something about it I was overlooking.

Then another friend picked up a PS4. And another.

I went out and bought a copy of Destiny.

After the surprisingly long process of updating and installation, I started up the game and created my “guardian”. Breaking tradition, I didn’t make an avatar of my wife because none of the limited human options bared any resemblance. I instead made a blue robot, because robots are always cool. After playing the introductory levels, I joined up with my old crew for some co-op play. This was great, for I’d been quite lonely on my PS4 over the last year.


After a week of playing, even more friends had picked up PS4s to play Destiny.

Now, a lot has been said of Destiny, both positive and negative. I honestly don’t think it’s the steaming pile many have said, but it’s definitely not the greatest game to exist either, by far. The story is incoherent and the loot system truly sucks. Seriously, I got some Legendary Engrams last night for the first time ever– and as other players would guess, when decoded the Engrams all turned into un-legendary equipment, with lower stats than what I’d already had.



However… I am really, really enjoying it, whether calling out strategies to teammates as we take down some giant bullet-spongy monster or laughing when crazy stuff happens, like when Dale and I managed, completely by chance, to simultaneously knife a Moon Wizard in the air– like some glorious high-five of death. And from what I’ve read about the game (post-purchase), all the irritating foibles hampering the fun parts of the game will most likely be tweaked and patched eventually.



But in the long run, I must say the best thing about Destiny is that it had the power to convince all my gaming buddies to rush out and get PlayStation 4s. Long after interest in Destiny wanes, they’ll be online to play other games with me. I am no longer a lonely early-adopter.

Now if you’ll excuse me, folks– Space Robot Jim and his friends have a cave to shoot at.



Our very own DWH Jim is too humble to say it but he is the voice of the Dahl Corporation in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. That means that every time you die it will be his soothing voice that brings you back to life to be killed some more. 

Jim will be signing games at the Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel midnight launch at GameStop of Cedar Hill on Monday, October 13th! If you’re in the area, stop by and say hello.

In an effort to make the world less dumb, we are now giving away free books. 



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  • reply Danielle Young ,

    So glad you got Destiny. I loved the beta for that game. I haven’t bought my copy yet, but I’m definitely going to. When I had the beta I played that Gane for 5 hours straight becoming one of those gamers that let everything else suffer. Yup the kids had to feed themselves. Heck I even forgot I had kids for a while. Game on!

    • reply Jim Foronda ,

      When you pick up the final version of the game, you’ll find that 5 hours seeming not long enough!

      • reply The Week's End » DUMB WHITE HUSBAND ,

        […] The Best Thing About Destiny […]

        • reply Gamer ,

          Personally, I do not always agree with the majority, Destiny is a triple output A as they are called, but hey we are not expecting so if you are against this principle … is boycotting … short truce controversy
          Talking about the game, I find it more than nice! When I bought a PS4 my only regret was Borderland 2 Grace destiny I find the joy of FPS / RPG that me as most in Borderland 2.
          Now whether you are a fan or not of the universe Bungie, Halo genre inspiration is not to please! In short, a fabulous blend of two monster FPS (one for gamepley and one for the style of the universe)
          I LOVE this game I still spent long hours to finish bottom this game :)

          • reply Jim Foronda ,

            The recent patch to the Engram loot system has made a great difference to the game and I am enjoying it even more now. I’ve also managed to complete the exotic bounty for the Super Good Advice heavy machine gun and I’m playing the bounty for the Pocket Infinity fusion rifle now!

            The more I play, the more potential I see in where Destiny could go. I hope for features like air bike races or even ship-to-ship space combat. (I really love the spaceship designs.)

            Bungie announced that they plan to support Destiny with new content over the next 10 years… I’m looking forward to what kinds of new gameplay they come up with!

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