Being Married to the Guy with No Shirt

A couple of neat things happened this week. First of all, I joined Twitter. As Ben Wallace will tell you, I once thought this social media tool was reserved for women. After I accused Ben of actually being a woman for belonging to Twitter, I realized I was wrong, but would have to wait for Ben’s untimely demise before joining myself. Because not many things are worse than people telling you that you’re wrong when you already know it. I tried killing him with Paleo and exercise, but it didn’t work. So, I’m beaten. I’m on Twitter. And, I’ve been tweeting all kinds of stuff. Stuff about shoes and dogs and yardwork exercise. So, please…join me by following me here: @chrisbohlin

Secondly, my adoring wife started joking around about how funny it would be if she took a turn writing my blog. From her perspective. And, we both thought, “what a great idea!” So, she started writing and I asked a couple of questions I was curious to know her thoughts on. And, that’s all contained right here. So, you kind of get a break from me this week…unless you follow me on Twitter.

GWNS: What’s it like living with a health nut?

WOGWNS: I think most people who ask that are wondering how I plan my family’s meals around my husband’s strict (Paleo) diet. I’ve found some tricks that help, but I’ve also learned that the old cliché, “if you can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em,” holds true here. The changes in our diet that we’ve made since Chris started following the Paleo diet have been great for us, such as eating more vegetables and less bread and sugar. But, the kids and I are not ready to be 100% Paleo, so deciding what to serve each meal does get tricky. My solution is to cook one protein for everyone, say shredded chicken, and serve it different ways. The girls like chicken salad, and Chris prefers chicken tacos (bending the Paleo rules a bit on the corn shells), so I don’t mind serving both in one night. Or, pork tenderloin will be served with ketchup and carrots for the girls, and no sauce and broccoli for Chris. There are some nights, though, when the kids and I have had it with being healthy and go to Arby’s or order pizza. On those nights, Chris is perfectly fine fending for himself. I keep the fridge full of things that are easy for him to make for himself, such as eggs and bacon or a large salad. Actually, he’s a more inventive cook than I am, so the dishes he whips up for himself are probably some of his favorite.

GWNS: How do you deal with the guilt of living with someone who works out a lot and eats so well?

WOGWNS: The truth is, I do feel guilty when I’m not taking care of myself. Chris’ lifestyle keeps my own health and fitness at the forefront of my mind. So, do I feel a little guilty when I eat Oreos before bed? Yes, I do. Should I? Yes! They are full of (tasty) crap and will kill me. So, I stop at one and I’m pretty happy. I was able to “cheat,” but I didn’t go crazy. I’m happy with that. And I would be lying if I said I never catch Chris doing the same thing from time to time. That’s truly what makes this work. I’m not married to a fitness robot. I’m married to someone who enjoys the benefits of fitness and wants me to enjoy those, too. If it’s a problem, it’s a pretty great problem to have.

GWNS: What’s been the biggest difference you’ve noticed since Chris started all this?

WOGWNS: Probably the lack of medicine he takes. I used to buy Tums in bulk for him. Now he doesn’t need them at all. He also needs less allergy medicine and no longer needs to see the doctor for sinus infections, which he previously did about twice a year.

GWNS: Can real people do this?

WOGWNS: That’s a great question. In some ways I have to admit that Chris is different from most people. He is obsessive about all of his hobbies, and even though this has evolved into a lifestyle, it didn’t start that way in my mind. It started the way he began his previous hobbies, such as leatherworking, landscaping, and hunting – 100% committed. Most of those fizzled out after a couple of years. This has been different, I think, because the results have been so dramatic and gratifying and just plain fun for him. So, I can’t say that the dedication he has will come as naturally for most people. That doesn’t mean that real people can’t get healthy. It just means that most people will likely see more gradual results because they will not dive in headfirst like he did.

GWNS: What’s the most annoying thing about living with a fitness addict/CrossFitter?

WOGWNS: The same thing that’s true for anyone living with a fanatic! They talk about it all the time!

Hi, it’s me again, the Guy with No Shirt. There were about a half-dozen other questions worth asking, but I figured maybe the audience had some they’d like answered. If so, post them here in the comments section or…um…Tweet me? Maybe?

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