Be More Awesome: Find a Cause

I made one resolution this year and that was to be more awesome. This is one of the ways I intend to do that. 

I’ve never had a cause. And, not in a cool James Dean kind of way.

There’s just never been anything that I’ve really gotten behind.

It’s not that I don’t care about stuff and it’s not that I’m not against evil things. Sure, I care about starving kids. Sure, I hate cancer and poverty. I’ve just never really adopted a cause as my own.

Well that’s about to change because I think that having a cause and standing for something would make me more awesome.

There are few causes closer to my heart and nearer to my wallet than reading so I’ve decided to start my own literacy campaign. Authors Steven Luna and Alex Kimmell also believe in literacy and helped me out in filming our first PSA.

Please watch the video below and share it with your friends. Together, with your help, we can end literacy.

Wait, that’s not right. 

You can lead the fight against illiteracy right now by reading one or all of our books. 
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  • reply ,

    Read or be stupid, I love it! I like to read mostly so I learn more words for things and stuff. I may have to go check out one of these books you mens have written. The Hook sent me over here. He’s okay, so I assume you guys must be okay too. I like okay people.

  • reply Lindsey Dubois ,

    I’m sold! I’m gonna read today. :)

    Seriously, this video was adorable and it made me giggle… So, thank you!

    • reply Benjamin Wallace ,

      Thank you, Lindsey. I’m happy to hear our literacy efforts are working.

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