Be More Awesome: Be More Fit

I made one resolution this year and that was to be more awesome. This is one of the ways I intend to do that. 

 Last week I told you that my only resolution this year was to be more awesome. This is the first step in accomplishing that goal: 

I need to be more fit.
Now you’re most likely thinking, “But, Ben you look so good.” And you’re right. But this is less about how I look and more about how I feel.

I think it would be awesome if I could run to the end of the street without having to call home for a ride back.
I think it would be awesome if I didn’t have to bounce to get out of a recliner.
I think it would be awesome if I didn’t feel like giving the finger to every broken escalator I came across. 
In short, I need to be in better shape.
The problem is, I’m pretty much against exercise both in theory and execution. So, I got one of those Nike fitness bracelets despite my opposition to both fitness and the idea of guys wearing bracelets.
The way I understand it, this thing converts your movement into points so you can trick yourself into thinking that exercise is a game and therefore fun. And, indeed, after putting on the bracelet I exclaimed, “Wheee, fun.” Or, it was, “Yeah, that looks lame.” I can’t really remember which.
Oh, yeah. That’ll get the ladies.
The bracelet connects to your phone, tracks everything you do and keeps a record of it. So, it’s kind of like a fitness version of the NSA.
You set a daily points goal and then do whatever it takes to reach that goal.
That’s kind of the great thing about it—everything counts. It’s not about steps or calories. Every type of exercise counts. Except cycling, because you don’t move your wrist. And, it’s lame. But besides that every kind of action where you move your arms adds to your point total.
Now, I’m pretty easy to fool so this whole points system seemed like a good way to keep myself motivated. But if it’s going to be a game, there needs to be more players. So, I’m inviting you to play with me. It’s nothing fancy or official. Go get one of the bracelets and start getting points. I’ll post my score at the end of each week. If your points are higher than mine, you win a cookie.
I mean you can go to your kitchen and get a cookie.
I’m not going to mail you a cookie. 
That would be stupid.
And, those are my cookies.
So, exercise. Yay. Let’s do it.
UPDATE: I took a sip of a beer and it counted for one point. This may not be too bad after all.

You can get it here but I think it’s cheaper at Nike.
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  • reply Ben Mall ,

    FYI – you can download a free app from your phone that will do the same thing as that bracelet. But yes, getting in better shape is a great thing. And it can be very habit forming. Best of luck!

    • reply Benjamin Wallace ,

      If you’re talking about the Nike Fuel app, it pairs with the bracelet. I don’t think it works on it’s own.

    • reply George Hilbert ,

      You can get cycling to register if you clip the sensor to your ankle. I do it with my “MisFit” all the time….It just interprets leg movement the same as arm movement…

    • reply Danielle Young ,

      I am all for getting more fit…er when I’m not the one doing it. Oh the idea is great in theory, but I am a little weak on execution. So your idea sounds great… theory. But I am also a cheater and would just move my arm a bunch and still do no more exercise. See where I’m going with this. It’s like saying you exercise because you play wii bowling.

      But I do want to get more fit, I do, but no one has invented a way to do that with cupcakes, sooooo

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