Back to Basics: Knives


Special note: We are not responsible for anything stupid you do. Ever.


It’s time for something different here at Eat, Play, Shove.

Now don’t be scared, this different is good… I hope. I have been doing this little shin-dig for quite a while now and I realized that I haven’t done any how-to videos. And well if this is a column that is really meant to help Dumb White Husbands become better cooks then there really ought to be some how-to’s. Because let’s face it, men love how-to videos.

With that in mind I polled the world of Facebook. Well not the world exactly, more like the Dumb White Husbands and asked them what they would like to see in the form of how-to videos. Let me just say that I got more than a few ideas. So, you can bet you will be seeing a lot more videos here at Eat, Play, Shove. Here’s what I can promise with these videos… I will not be in them (yes this is a good thing), I will be the one actually doing the demo and speaking, you just won’t see all of me. They will hopefully teach you something (fingers crossed on that one), and they will happen more and more.

Since this is our first how-to I decided a good place to start would be basic knife skills for anyone. Sit back and let’s all practice not losing our digits.



Hope you enjoyed this first How-to, if there is anything you would like to see a video on please leave a comment and I will see what I can do to accommodate you!

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