Automobilia vs. Automobiles

So I have the distinct pleasure and privilege of being a senior auctioneer for the World’s Largest Collectible Auction House, Heritage Auctions. If you’re not familiar with auctions or never heard of Heritage Auctions, the short explanation is Heritage sells all those unique items that interesting people collect!  Are you interesting? Do you like stuff? Then you should know about Heritage Auctions.
I’m really excited because Heritage just announced that we are delving into the world of automobilia. I can’t explain how excited I am to see the first catalog. I know … you’re as excited as I am! I can tell. Just to be clear, Heritage intends to sell automobilia not automobiles. There is a difference. My friend Noah, Heritage’s PR Director, said it best when he said “items perfect for the vintage garage.” You can read his press release here.
While I am like you and get sucked into those late night shows, I’m a huge fan of Gas Monkey and a certain ‘not to be named’ auction house in AZ, Heritage doesn’t intend to auction automobiles. I don’t want to suggest we haven’t sold nor may never sell automobiles, if people collect it Heritage will soon auction it. 
For example we have sold a handful of interesting cars. 
A quick list of highlights would include

’68 Shelby GT we auctioned for The Great Big AmericanAuction with Ty Pennington for ABC. This “highly optioned” factory correct and original KR included the cobra jet engine (31,000 miles), an automatic transmission, air conditioning, glass rear window, tilt wheel, visibility package, the AM/FM radio and the air cleaner snorkel. 

We’ve also auctioned a few for charities
’29 Ford Model A and a Lannom Hunting Buggy for the Treasure Street Auction benefiting Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children.

Heritage’s Automobilia Auction I’m sure intends to cater to a growing collectible market. We’ve already gained a reputation as the #1 auctioneer of Lalique mascots and already built a nice collection of key auctioned pieces. 

We’ve also regularly been the collector’s choice for sporting memorabilia and have occasionally had the privilege of bringing NASCAR material to auction.

So, you could say that Heritage was already in the automobilia market. The exciting change is that now that we’re starting an independent category, we can expect to see a flood of bizarre and unique pieces. You can be sure to bet that if Heritage is investing in a collectible field, that field is primed with collectors.

Check out more at Heritage Auctions.

*All images courtesy of Heritage Auctions. 

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