Liam Seamus “Mr. Whiskey” McGillicutty

Born in the back of a bar in the greatest city in the world, Belfast, Ulster Co. Ireland on August 16, 1970 to Angus Cromwell McGillicutty the 4th (IV), a famed brewer, master raconteur and 17th generation Ulster Scots-Irishman and Colleen Mary-Elizabeth O’Shaughnessy, a street mime of pure undulated Irish blood. …Read More about the history of Mr. Whiskey
  • PBR & AC/DC: Partners in Crime

    No scratch for beer on a Friday night? The Ribbon and Young bros solve your plight! I’ve got my fair share of secrets, some withheld for legal reasons given the statute of limitations in various jurisdictions both stateside and world-wide, extradition possibilities notwithstanding, and others withheld strictly for pride.  In the later category, I’ve kept […]

  • Yukon Jackin’ with the C. Horse

    Forget your weak music and worse drink, all dead taste and restraint soulless of force Life is a fifth of Yukon Jack, -Neil Young and the eternal Crazy HorseIt was a well past midnight on a Tuesday night in the early/almost spring of 1996.  I was peacefully slumbering away when I was rudely awakened by the […]

  • Keep Your Hands Off My K. Creek

    I’m free with my booze and will let you wet your beakUnless you put your grimy hands on my Knob CreekAfter many travels, when I finally made it to Kentucky I was convinced that I would never leave. It’s a beautiful, laid back place where you can kick back and check out from the rest […]

  • Don't Even Ask - Highland Mist

    When drinks abound till you are right pissed Chunk it, spread it, time for Highland MistThe line between an outright crime against nature and something so bad that it’s fascinating is often hard to distinguish. The case could be made for New Coke, “Jersey Shore”, anything relating to any Kardashian (including Lamar Kardashian’s play for […]

  • How High? Ten High!

    Wide, open clear Texas night deer-chicken fryHigh plains drifters, wild horses and Ten HighAfter my best friend Lord Seamus passed on and I learned to partake of the Western Hemisphere whiskey/bourbon milieu, I went a little (ok, very) hog wild.  Not that I was/am particularly discriminating, but even by my standards I kind of lost […]

  • Port: The All-Dinner Drink

    When the class police start to threaten you with Snob Court Show them all up by presenting some genuine PortI won’t give a moment’s thought to the concept of “fashion” or “class” in any way, shape or form. I’m sure this comes as a great shock to you all, but I can’t be bothered in […]

  • Howlin’ on the Crow

    When your troubles in this fallen world grow and growBlast them all away with heaps of The Wolf ‘n CrowFar too many people never get to fulfill their destinies. When you see someone who is a genius in their field, you’re witnessing fate at its most noble level. Watching Neil Young make ears bleed from […]

  • Who’s Your Daddy?

    Jack, Jim, Maker’s, Ten High, Gold Johnny Walker’sAll bow before my Old Granddad’s Straight TalkerI hate it when outsiders start pontificating about the history of my fair island and ranking the leaders we’ve had there. Especially the British. That said, I feel that the Yanks are severely delusional in ranking their Presidents. With the advent […]

  • The Crown of Canada

    When those we love bestare dead and gone, Crown gives comfortfor loss to the beyond. I’ll admit it, I had a lot of doubts about whiskey from the Western Hemisphere. No offense, but Scotland and Ireland are the true source of all good libations from which the rest of God’s Earth takes succor and nothing will ever […]

  • How the Hell Do You Drink Rum?

    Even the lowest scrapingsof a pirate’s grogIs the sweetest heavenlyburn in my eggnog.What is up with you Yanks and your pirates? Don’t get me wrong, Johnny Depp seems like a good dude, especially for an American. He was damn cool in at least the first of what I’m sure will be at least a baker’s […]

Raised to appreciate great libations and street theatre, Liam Seamus McGillicutty, after being kicked out of virtually every Protestant and Catholic school in Belfast for precociousness and obstreperousness, set out on his own after receiving his parent’s whole-hearted blessing on March 18, 1987 ready for the world outside Ulster County; whether the world was, or ever will be, ready for him is a matter of debate.  He spent the next 24 years travelling and drinking, drinking and travelling and drinking and drinking in every continent on Earth (save Antarctica as he heard the bars there were very lacking).  He worked at various times as a roadie for Motley Crue, a street merchant in Kinshasa, a bouncer in a Hong Kong transvestite club, a kangaroo rancher in the Outback, a private businessman’s club bartender in Bogota and many, many other jobs, some good, some great and some regrettable, none more so then his ill-fated 6 weeks working as a personal bodyguard for Liam Gallagher of Oasis.  He quite in disgust after breaking up yet another fight instigated entirely by his psychotic employer.  He has settled down recently in an undisclosed location, resolved to provide for his growing family with a relatively staid profession as a writer and memoirist.  Liam (or, Mr. Whiskey as his friends call him) is honored to be a part of the Dumb White Husband family, though he would like to note that as he is at least ½ Irish, he’s really only part white.  Mr. Whiskey looks forward to imparting his very hard won knowledge on the wonders of beer, wine, liquor and all drinks in-between, above and below.  He hopes to disprove the heinous allegation that all a Scots-Irishman will do is drink your booze and not pay for it by repaying for all of the gifted drinks he’s received in his 43 years tenfold with wit, wisdom, humor, sweat, tears and anything else he can think of without running afoul of man’s laws.  I drink while I write so please grab a pitcher-full of something strong and cold and drink along with me while you read about my passion for all the liquids that may bring us up and down but always take us somewhere.  Cheers and happy trails; remember Cha deoch-slàint, i gun a tràghadh.