Benjamin Wallace

I’m the father of three, husband of one and author of several books and short stories including the Dumb White Husband series. I share my home with my family and my sanctum with my dogs. Based on the smell, I’d say it’s mostly their room. I write action and adventure comedies that you should read.
  • Batman vs Superman vs Dumb White Husband

    I’m a Marvel guy. Always have been. I read Batman quite a bit but little else from DC. And after Dark Knight Rises and Green Lantern (never saw Man of Steel) I was convinced DC couldn’t make a good superhero movie. It wasn’t that the movies were bad (but they were) it was that DC […]

  • Have that drink

    An awful lot has happened since we went on hiatus a little over a year ago. The saddest new is that we lost one of the husbands. Jason Laughlin was our coffee expert and a good friend. I met Jason in college. His wife and my wife were bridesmaids in our respective weddings. And I […]

  • Okay, break's over

    Since we took our break, the world has grown dumber. We feel like someone needs to say something. Someone needs to stand up and say, “That is dumb.” And no one knows dumb like us. So, we’ve come back. No one asked for it. No one particularly wanted it. But no one can stop it. […]

  • How many oceans are there? WRONG!

    My twins came home today proud of their performance on a test of continents and oceans. They said they got all seven continents and five oceans correct. “Four oceans,” I said possessing a college degree. “No, Daddy. Five oceans.” They said being seven-year-olds. “The Atlantic Ocean. The Pacific Ocean. The Indian Ocean. The Arctic Ocean […]

  • Santapocalypse: aka The Santa Talk

    My son lost a tooth the other day and I am an amazing tooth fairy. When I remember. The point is, I forgot. But this opened up a decent opportunity to have the Santa talk with him. My son is ten and better than any other kid in every other way. It is only due […]

  • Free Thanksgiving Story

    Shit. It's here already. My parents used to complain about the year just flying and now I'm beginning to see what they're talking about. Anyway, as we scramble to find a turkey, we'd like you to enjoy this free short story about an ass kicking pilgrim that wanders the new world with bad ass Croatan fighting flesh […]

  • 10 Minutes of X-Men: Days of Future Past

    Let’s face it. As grownups, we don’t have a lot of extra time on our hands. And if I’ve got two hours to spare I’d rather spend it napping than watching a movie that sucks. But, I’m willing to give any movie ten minutes to grab me.              X-Men: Days […]

  • The Scariest Books We've Read

    It's October. The weather is getting cooler, the days are getting shorter and all basic cable programming has turned to grainy nightvision footage. Even Animal Planet. It's the second scariest time of year next to the last day of school. To celebrate we're going to share with you the scariest books we've ever read. Click the […]

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  • 10 Minutes of Edge of Tomorrow

    Let's face it. As grownups, we don't have a lot of extra time on our hands. And if I've got two hours to spare I'd rather spend it napping than watching a movie that sucks. But, I'm willing to give any movie ten minutes to grab me.              10 Minutes […]

  • Pets of the Apocalypse

    Buy it now. Laugh later. It's been quite a week here in Big D. There's the Ebola popping up in the same hospital my twins were born. You may have heard a little about that. But, I'm sure there's nothing to worry about since all of my Facebook friends appear to be experts on the […]