April 2016

How I Learned to Love Again

I was born in 1975. That means that everything that everyone loves from the eighties was hitting right about the time I became a sentient human. And the 80’s was the best time to be a kid: We had two of the three original Star Wars movies. We had Masters of the Universe, Gi Joe, […] Read more

Free Booze!

I’ve always been interested in brewing my own beer. Hell, the wife even bought me one of those starter kits that are supposed to baby step you into the hobby. The problem with this is that the starter kit process makes a pretty big mess and with two small children running about, everything is already […] Read more

Batman vs Superman vs Dumb White Husband

I’m a Marvel guy. Always have been. I read Batman quite a bit but little else from DC. And after Dark Knight Rises and Green Lantern (never saw Man of Steel) I was convinced DC couldn’t make a good superhero movie. It wasn’t that the movies were bad (but they were) it was that DC […] Read more

The Secret Life Of…My Laptop

6:30 AM I can hear his alarm bleating upstairs. Followed by some sort of groan. Not sure if that was a fart (It probably was) The alarm’s off.   6:45 AM Alarm again. Louder groaning, complaining and cursing. LOTS of cursing. The alarm’s off again.   7:00 AM One more time. Come on dude…get out […] Read more

Have that drink

An awful lot has happened since we went on hiatus a little over a year ago. The saddest new is that we lost one of the husbands. Jason Laughlin was our coffee expert and a good friend. I met Jason in college. His wife and my wife were bridesmaids in our respective weddings. And I […] Read more

Okay, break’s over

Since we took our break, the world has grown dumber. We feel like someone needs to say something. Someone needs to stand up and say, “That is dumb.” And no one knows dumb like us. So, we’ve come back. No one asked for it. No one particularly wanted it. But no one can stop it. […] Read more