September 2014

Dash Cams For Fun and Profit (well not loss)

The Gadgeteer It’s a man job to be curious. Exploring and prodding the world to determine what is best, what is safe and what should be feared. In pre-history this man would be in charge of the stick used to poke maybe-dead things. Today, it’s Todd’s job to seek out the latest gadgets, gear and […] Read more

The Week’s End

It’s been a busy week here at DWH. Quite frankly, we’ve earned a couple of days off. We’ll be back on Monday. Here’s what you may have missed. Clayton shared an awkward childhood moment with us do we could all feel better about ourselves.         Danielle shared a baked bean recipe with […] Read more

Read or Be Stupid: Crimes in Southern Indiana by Frank Bill

Reading is important. It makes you less dumb, it improves your memory and it makes you less dumb. We want to encourage reading so we’ll be posting book reviews here from time to time. Check them out and read, or be stupid.  Review by Clayton Smith     Crimes in Southern Indiana by Frank Bill […] Read more

The News Is Now Like A Movie

I posted the other day that watching the news was like watching a GDI or NOD cut scene. This was a very specific joke for a very specific handful of Command and Conquer fans (wink!), but I wanted to include more of you Gen Pop in my observation. Watching updates about anything “IS” related has […] Read more

Why We’re Wrong Wednesday: Dating

Why We’re Wrong Wednesday is back this week with special guest Nerky Meg who’s here to tell us that we’re even wrong when we’re not husbands. My name is Nerky Meg, at least that’s what the internet calls me. I’m a divorcé, but I’m too young and awesome to be called that, so I’m sans […] Read more

The Best Thing About Destiny

A lot has been said about the much hyped game Destiny. And, while it never much peaked his interest, this week Jim finally succumbs to the peer pressure and plays the new game with some old friends. Here’s Jim.    I will confess here: I was never much of a Halo player. I am also […] Read more

Get Funny for Free

Pets of the Apocalypse. I’ve written a new short story that takes a look at how our pets might handle the sudden demise of humanity. It’s a comedy and you can get it for free. The story follows two dogs, Fidget and Sasquatch, immediately after the death of their beloved caretaker/food source. It will be […] Read more

Not So Dumb Ideas: All Puppet Players

Here at DWH, we love a great idea. Long ago, back in the aughts, many great ideas went unrealized because some of the most inventive minds in the world didn’t have a relative with money. But, now that we’re living in the future, great ideas are getting funded everyday. We’ll be featuring some of those […] Read more

Beans, Beans, the Magical Fruit…

I’m sure you know the rest. I have learned many things after being married for fifteen years, but there is one thing that I believe is a constant with most men.       Any kind of beans. It doesn’t matter how you cook ‘em, men will eat them. So, today I am going to […] Read more

The Romantic Adventures of Blinker Boy

Believe it or not, I wasn’t always as awkward as I am today. I used to be worse. There was a point in my life where I went through a phase called “the teenage years.” Those years were a hideously awkward time for me, especially the early portion. I was more of a reader than […] Read more


What do you think of that? Our good friends at Duck Soap Box (it’s just Crystal) have been hard at work redesigning Dumb White Husband and we are excited to finally say, “Look at it!” Look at it. Stare at it in all its wonder. It’s easier to get around. It’s easier to find old […] Read more

10 Minutes of Godzilla

Let’s face it. As grownups, we don’t have a lot of extra time on our hands. And if I’ve got two hours to spare I’d rather spend it napping than watching a movie that sucks. But, I’m willing to give any movie ten minutes to grab me.      10 Minutes of Godzilla I don’t […] Read more

Conspiracy in the Yard

As fall approaches Scarydad has begun closing down his garden. While digging around in the flowerbeds he has uncovered something more than he expected. It’s not a snake. Don’t get squeamish. The past couple of weeks have been pretty nice here at Castle Scarydad. The kids have been good, nothing of consequence has fallen apart […] Read more

Make Your Friends Jealous

It’s time for another giveaway.  Follow the link to enter to win a signed copy of Tortugas Rising by me. If you win you’re friends will be jealous. You’ll like that. Make ‘em jealous Tortugas Rising by Benjamin Wallace Giveaway ends September 20, 2014. See the giveaway details at Goodreads. Enter to win  ______________________________________ I’ve […] Read more

Overheard in the Dugout

If this conversation overheard in the dugout at last night’s game doesn’t prove that I am father of the year, I don’t know what will…  Kid 1    “I threw my arm out.” Minion “How?” – Minion  Kid 1     “With the ball. On that last play.”   Minion   “That sucks.” – Minion Kid 1     “Yeah. It […] Read more

Poor Roger Goodell

I’ve always believed that sports bring out the worst in people. They turn people into arrogant, ranting idiots seemingly programed to react to simple phrases and colors like a puppy in a test lab. Now, before you get all upset, I’m not picking on one type of athlete—I’m talking about the players and the fans. […] Read more

The Hunt for Whiskey Beans, Pt 1

The Grind It’s difficult to imagine a time in history before the cultivation of the mighty coffee bean. It was most likely bleak and everyone was cranky. Thankfully, we live in a civilized time where our biggest problem is choosing our favorite bean and brew that gets us through our day. Doing this through bleary […] Read more

Stay Calm. Don’t Click.

We all like to think we’re pretty smart. But, the truth is half of us are dumber than average. The rest of us get busy, distracted or drunk and can fall prey to tricks. Todd’s here to give you a pointer. After so many years of hearing about internet scams and identity theft, I thought […] Read more

Movie Review: Transcendence

**SPOILER ALERT: I pretty much tell you everything that happened in the movie, so you might want to click away now if you’re not into that kind of thing.** So I watched Transcendence over the weekend, that movie where Johnny Depp plays a genius dude with the oh-so-clever name of Will Caster (GET IT, AUDIENCE? […] Read more

The Winter Soldier: A Parent’s Perspective

Admittedly, I’m a big nerd. I saw Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier on opening day with the whole family. And it was awesome.  The 70’s political thriller feel was perfect and proved again that Marvel doesn’t make superhero movies as much as they make great genre movies with super heroes. My kids loved it as […] Read more