July 2014

Road Trips: When The Brain Makes Something Out Of Nothing

Super Ultra Mega Getting married is a rite of passage. Rites of passages usually signify a transition from one life stage to another. But, not always. Jim may have grown older but has defined growing up his own way. He’s been a toy-tech, the voice of Optimus Prime and Cobra Commander and has played more […] Read more

It’s a Good Stupid – A Little Behind in Pop Music

I don’t listen to popular radio much. I like to think I’m slightly more discerning than to listen to songs that are currently well-liked; I’d rather listen to songs that used to be well-liked but are now only remembered as Pandora fodder, thank you very much. But I also think it’s important to get in […] Read more

Kids in the Kitchen

Eat, Play, ShoveThe husband has traditionally gotten a bad wrap as being a terrible cook. This stereotype most likely comes from the fact that it’s true. To help us along, author and culinary instructor Danielle is here to teach us a thing or two about making a meal without making a fool of ourselves. Today […] Read more

5 Pick-Up Lines I Have Used, and How Hard They Failed

We’ve found us another dumb white husband. Please welcome Clayton Smith to DWH. He’ll be writing a column called Do You Have This In Awkward? We’ll have a bio and everything for him shortly but in the meantime we have this: Clayton is a Midwestern writer who once erroneously referred to himself as a national […] Read more

D.I.M.: Backyard Archery Target

Did It MyselfBeing handy is expected of a husband. In fact it’s written into most state wedding licenses because they don’t expect you to read the whole thing. Some husbands are naturals and for the rest there’s Scarydad. He’s always been handy and he’s here to share his tips on everything from appliance repair to […] Read more

Why you don’t get a hobby.

“Why don’t you get a hobby?” Ah, how many sitcoms plots have launched with those words set as a countdown? Because you’ll get trapped in an ice fishing shed. Because you’ll get trapped in a submarine built in the basement shower. That’s why you don’t get a hobby. Maybe your wife has asked you the […] Read more

D.I.Yep I’m an Idiot

I climbed on the corner table. Short, and square, it fits perfectly between the couch and love seat. Exactly the right height for installing the new blackout blinds we brought home from the hardware store. Most afternoons, the sun beams directly through our westward facing windows. The temperature, brought down to comfortable levels during the […] Read more

Rise Up From The Ashes

The GrindIt’s difficult to imagine a time in history before the cultivation of the mighty coffee bean. It was most likely bleak and everyone was cranky. Thankfully, we live in a civilized time where our biggest problem is choosing our favorite bean and brew that gets us through our day. Doing this through bleary eyes […] Read more

LED Lighting Payback – It’s Time To Switch!

The Gadgeteer It’s a man’s job to be curious. Exploring and prodding the world to determine what is best, what is safe and what should be feared. In pre-history this man would be in charge of the stick used to poke maybe-dead things. Today, it’s Todd’s job to seek out the latest gadgets, gear and […] Read more

Read, or Be Stupid: Ready to Kill by Andrew Peterson

Reading is important. It makes you less dumb, it improves your memory and it makes you less dumb. We want to encourage reading so we’ll be posting book reviews here from time to time. Check them out and read, or be stupid. Get it here The Book: Ready to Kill The Author: Andrew Peterson The Gist: […] Read more

Eat, Play, Shove, WRITE

Big congratulations are in order for Danielle of our Eat, Play, Shove column. She has released her first book. Here’s Danielle to tell you all about it. Be sure to give her a “way to go” in the comments. I wrote a book. Okay you knew that. Let’s start again shall we. I published a […] Read more

Yukon Jackin’ with the C. Horse

Forget your weak music and worse drink, all dead taste and restraint soulless of force Life is a fifth of Yukon Jack, -Neil Young and the eternal Crazy HorseIt was a well past midnight on a Tuesday night in the early/almost spring of 1996.  I was peacefully slumbering away when I was rudely awakened by the […] Read more

Out For Vacation

There once was a time where the word “vacation” meant spending luxurious days in the land of rest and relaxation, where time slowed down and I was able to taste the Welch’s. This is no longer the definition for me. “Vacation” might still be the term used on my timesheets, but the correct term is […] Read more

Light Bulbs and Dinosaurs

Superman has Lex Luthor. Idiots have Reason. I have light bulbs. For eight years in our new home it seems I never changed a light bulb. For the last three years it seems I’ve changed one everyday. So when it came time to replace the light bulbs in the living room, I upgraded to LEDs. […] Read more

Want a Taco…. Salad?

The kids are at it again. This time we made tacos… or something like them. Actually we made taco salad. Which since my kids end up with all the taco stuffing all over the table, chair and themselves we might as well start that way, right? Right. My assistant for this dinner was my 9 […] Read more

Gardening 101: Trouble in the garden

Ugh. This is not going to be a fun story to tell. While I have had moderate to great success with perennials around the house, I have had more problems with what should be a simple vegetable garden than I think is normal. Yet, I am determined to get this thing working so I’ll tell […] Read more

Weighing Comedic Merit vs Boobies

Maybe I’m just the old guy looking back fondly, but it seems the greatest comedies came out in the 80’s. Not just one or two but almost every classic funny movie hit around that decade. Yeah, I’m probably just playing the “kids these days” game but they really were the best. Alex seems to agree. -ben […] Read more

Café Muy Dulce!

I’ve always been against putting things in my coffee. Mainly because it wastes time that could be used for more coffee. But, Jason makes an interesting case here. -ben When I first started drinking coffee, the only way I could enjoy it was if it included a little half-and-half and a ridiculously large amount of […] Read more

The Technology of Faking It

While I was working on my boat engine this weekend I had a sudden moment of clarity, and I stopped to appreciate just how lucky I was to be a Dad right now.  No, I don’t mean because of my kids, I mean because of the Internet! (And dear wife, please let me explain before […] Read more

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

I’ve listened to Chris go on about fitness for years and I’ll admit that he has moved me from never going to the gym to one day considering possibly maybe going to a gym. In his post today, he addresses some apprehensions that may push me even closer. But, I doubt it. -ben There are […] Read more