May 2014


Tonight’s Dumb White Husband Movie Night: Maximum Overdrive Tweets about “#dwhmn”


If everything you truly need to know in life is learned in kindergarten, then my 6-year old boy is officially ready to take on the world. Yes, young master Benjamin “graduated” from kindergarten last week and his mom and I were there to share proud glances at each other as if we were in a […] Read more


There’s a small scene in X-Men: Days Of Future Past where Quicksilver plays Pong against himself. The weird thing is that instead of falling into the background as a sight gag, I thought, “Wow, that cabinet is in great shape. I wonder if it’s real?” I’d like to think that the producers found an actual […] Read more

This is How we Roll

Since becoming a Culinary teacher my kids have expressed more of an interest in cooking. Now they want to learn whatever it is I will teach them. Whereas before, I had to pull teeth to get them to help me in the kitchen. Don’t ask me what’s changed, I just know that I’m going to […] Read more

DWHMN: Maximum Overdrive!

We’re all grown up and have nothing better to do with our Friday nights so we’re all going to sit and watch a movie together. You should join us. Dumb White Husband Movie Night is back and this time around we hope to answer that deep question by watching the classic film Maximum Overdrive.  You know […] Read more

Happy Memorial Day

Enjoy the time off from work. Fire up the grill. Enjoy every minute with your family and friends. Make a day of it. Drink too much. Eat too much. Get too much sun. Take it all in. Just take a few minutes to appreciate who gave it to you. Raise a glass, can or bottle […] Read more

Another Horrible Idea

A new program in Texas is turning inmates into beekeepers. On Monday the American Honey Bee Protection Agency placed ten beehives inside an Austin Correctional Facility. And not as some form of creative punishment. The Protection Agency (which sounds really cool until you realize it’s a bee protection agency and they don’t even get to […] Read more

Happy, My Ass

Forgive me if this is old news. I’m out of the fast food drive-thru loop. And it’s not because I eat paleo, so… Apparently, McDonald’s doesn’t think having a red-haired clown is horrific enough for the children it’s trying to lure into its restaurants. Now it’s added an LSD-worthy animated happy meal box to its […] Read more


The A-Team. A rag-tag pack of heroes who swooped in to save this week’s guest cast of ordinary folks in over their heads. Baddies of ugly muscle bound sweaty men with guns and usually a background of prison time or turncoat special-ops military types. Lots of witty banter, catch phrases, car chases and buildings going […] Read more

…Made a graduation present

This past weekend my sister graduated from high school. It was a nice ceremony and everyone was happy and celebratory and stuff. Sis had a stack of cards and presents and was fielding attention from several directions when she opened the little box I had given her. “Oh wow!” she said, looking at the earrings […] Read more

The Big Kona

Early into my coffee-drinking nascence I found myself having trouble drinking your run-of-the-mill java. Most coffee just had a tinge of bitterness to me. So I started asking some of my buddies what sort of quality stuff they tend to purchase so they can avoid drinking a cup of bile in order to wake the […] Read more

Earn Hubbie Points with USB Charging

There are a quite a few ways that you could earn some points with your wife, but here’s a way that’s even better than doing an extra load of laundry: install a USB charging wall outlet. I know that you don’t care what those cell phone chargers hanging off the outlet look like, but she […] Read more

Honey, We’ve Plumped the Kids.

OK, this one might sting a little. But, I feel like it needs to be said. And, once again let me start by saying that I am not an expert, nor have I earned a medical degree, and some conditions are uniquely medical. Now for my biased opinions… Swimsuit season is upon us. And, I […] Read more

Dumb White Husband Movie Night: May 30th

We’re all grown up and have nothing better to do with our Friday nights so we’re all going to sit and watch a movie together. You should join us.  Let me ask you a question: Who made who? Dumb White Husband Movie Night is back and this time around we hope to answer that deep […] Read more

The Big Finish

The best part of writing a book is getting a solid running start. Also: the part in the middle, after you realize you have enough material to tell a whole story. Also also: the part at the end, when you realize that not only have you written the whole thing, but you can look at […] Read more

New stories!

We started Dumb White Husband to make sure there was no shortage of fun or nonsense in ours lives. But many of us here write other things for a living. I’m one of those us and I have two new works out that I hope you’ll enjoy. BACK TO THE WASTELAND Buy it now Written […] Read more

What’s Mom Worth?

It’s that time of year again. No, not the time to celebrate the unending love of mothers everywhere. It’s time to see what a mom is really worth. Several sites do this every year to give us a specific numerical value of how much moms are underappreciated. The process is simple. They look at how […] Read more

Cheat Code for Broken Hearts

Ok. I’m a big guy. Shaved head and a few tattoos. I typically look like I’m pissed off. Eyebrows furrowed, slight frown and my pale skin often flushes red over my face and scalp. I have been known to frighten people. I don’t mean to. I’m really a big softy. I googly talk to dogs […] Read more

Tech Gifts For Mother’s Day

You’re scrambling, aren’t you? Of course you are. Mother’s Day seemed so far away, and it is just hitting you now that it’s just a few days away. So after more than a decade of being married to her, you know full well that you could just wimp out and buy some flowers. She would […] Read more

A Roast of the French

Ahhh, the French. They’ve contributed many, many things to this great, wondrous ball o’ dirt we occasionally pee on, such as the oboe, modern film, and Canada. But they’ve also brought us useful things as well. Who can forget the first time we actually stuck our tongue in the mouth of someone we liked (or […] Read more