April 2014


There are several happy gaming couples out there. They play co-op, camp out for consoles together, trade Pokémon with each other and go on raids together. This article is not for them. This is for people like me who are the lone gamer in a relationship. My wife Karin used to play games, ranging from […] Read more

Burn Baby Burn

Catering is one of the many parts of being a culinary teacher at my school. Not only does it offer great experience for my students, it provides money for my program and cheap good food to everyone else. Most of our caterings take place either before school or after school in which I ask, plead […] Read more

Happy Birthday, Starlord

Years ago I made the mistake of drawing my kid as a superhero for his birthday.  It was just a picture I handed him on that day and nothing more. And he was just a generic superhero in front of a giant seven. But, since you can’t do for one…my twins wanted a picture next […] Read more

Flock You

Over the weekend, the Luna household grew by two. And no, we didn’t have twins. Those days are long over. Unless we find a kid growing in our garden like Jennifer Garner did in that movie a few years ago, we have all the kids we’re going to. Instead, we acquired birds – a set […] Read more

Father knows best?

As predictable as the sunrise, one of the minions got himself in trouble the other day. As a family we were together watching some television and BOOM! It happened. I won’t delve into the details of his infraction, only to say that my wife and I were immensely displeased. I love my wife. More than […] Read more

Musings on DIY

About thirty minutes after I put the washing machine back together Bride asked me one of the more unfavorable of questions: “Does the dryer seem noisy to you?” “Why no, Beloved, it does not. It sounds just fine to me. Just close the laundry room door and all will be well.” Unfortunately she was right and […] Read more

K, Really?

My sister let me know not too long ago that her dear cornfed husband had purchased her a Keurig as a gift. She then began extolling its virtues as if it were one miracle away from sainthood in every cup. In her mind, somehow a machine that pokes two holes in a little Dixie cup […] Read more

Turning Off The Internet

I have two daughters, and they are of the age where Internet access (or simply “the WiFi” as they call it) seems to them like a basic human need. Right down there on Maslow’s hierarchy, just before shelter, water and food. So imagine the trauma that I caused when I did a little investigation and […] Read more

Injury – Best. Excuse. Ever?

I’ve had the unique experience of living with some sort of injury or condition that prevented me from exercise all the way from birth. Growing up, I was plagued with asthma and allergies. No sports for me. I couldn’t run around the block without triggering an asthma attack and the hives I got from rolling […] Read more

I, Easter Bunny

I’ve been the Easter Bunny for nine years now and I still don’t understand it. And, I am a fantastic Easter Bunny. I’ve never been caught by anyone but the cats and they won’t be talking.  I understand Easter just fine, but I don’t get the correlation with the bunny. Every other rodent that gets […] Read more

An Open Letter to Kroger

The manager of a nearby grocery store was fired for confronting a shoplifter. Once the shoplifter pulled a knife, the manager disarmed and body slammed the man to the ground. Naturally, the manager was fired.  Many are calling for his reinstatement, but I’m suggesting a different path. I posted this on their facebook page but […] Read more

Using Your Brains Before They’re Eaten

Last weekend my improv friends from Pavlov’s Dogs and our spouses set out on an adventure. No, we didn’t go to a craft beer tasting, or ride around town in a karaoke limo. We were locked in a room with a zombie and had 60 minutes to solve riddles in order to escape. Spoiler: we all […] Read more


Most nerds are socially awkward. The first step to solving this problem is admitting you have it. With effort, it is possible to overcome much of our goofiness…but we will still make the occasional joke referencing a boss monster from a PlayStation One video game at a party with our spouse’s coworkers and everyone present […] Read more

Leaving the Toilet Seat Up is Wrong

You don’t drive around the street with the hood of your car up. You don’t leave the microwave open when cooking your Hot Pocket. After you grab a cold beer, you don’t leave the rest to get warm with the fridge ajar. And you don’t play your Xbox with the disc player open. Really, it’s […] Read more

Passing the (Human) Torch

I’ve been noticing more and more elements of myself emerging in my kids as they grow up. I can’t take total credit for their developing sarcasm; that one comes from both ends of the gene pool. The flat feet have been there from the beginning, so that’s not really “emerging” as Webster’s defines it (the […] Read more

Are you Chicken Enough?

Sometimes inspiration strikes when I least expect it and well sometimes it just doesn’t hit at all. But I really believe that inspiration hit hard with this recipe. I love dip and who doesn’t but I don’t exactly make a lot of dip. Actually I don’t make any dip unless you count adding ranch powder […] Read more

Here’s a Terrible Idea

There’s a new idea in Singapore. You can’t have your coffee until you connect with someone. The machine simply will not start making your coffee until it detects you interacting with another person.The theory is that relationships and business opportunities often start over coffee and this will encourage it. It’s called the Coffee Connector and […] Read more

R Rated Cartoons From the 80’s

The 80’s were surely a terrible time to be an adult. The music sucked. The clothes were ugly. And, the hairstyles…yikes. Just imagine trying to date while having to look like that. But, the 80’s were a great time to be a kid. The world wasn’t dangerous. The food wasn’t poisonous. And the good people […] Read more

Sleep Smarts

I remember weekend mornings of childhood. Running down the long hallway into my parent’s room, wriggling under the covers, stuffing my little body into a nest of snoozie warmth. Rolling over feeling my elbow connect. Then a barking shout, covers thrown off and immediately shuffled back into my own cold lonely room. Confused and sad, […] Read more

Made Art out of Trash

There’s no two ways about it, lumber is expensive. It doesn’t seem that much when you’re walking by it at Home Depot, but it really is. Strangely, people will finish a project and throw away their scraps. Or someone will demolish something and actually pay a landfill to dump exotic and hardwood cabinetry there. As […] Read more

Jasester’s Choice

Okay, by now we’ve pretty much established I’m no expert in the field of coffee. If anything, I’m just a guy who knows what he likes, all the while experimenting with new types of beans whenever the opportunity arises. And like I said in my first post, I’ve really only been drinking coffee regularly for […] Read more