March 2014

Be More Awesome Project: I’m Working On It

It’s been a while since I’ve done a post on my New Year’s Resolution to be more awesome. It’s not that I’ve been less awesome, I’ve just been busy. My wife lost her job in late February. She had spent a year watching me not having a real job and decided she wanted that, too. […] Read more

I’m sorry. Your house has cancer.

There’s a squirrel in my attic. I’ve seen him go in. He’s waved to me. I’ve waved to him. We’re kind of friends.  More specifically, I’ve stared at him through the window whenever writer’s block hit. That’s kind of like friendship.  But, as close as we were, I don’t want him in my attic. He’s settled […] Read more

The Payback Spoon

Whoever has OCD raise your hand… Not that high. A little lower. Now straighten your arm. More to the left. No. Not like that. Lock your elbow. No. No. No! Here… let me… On the One Hand: Yeah. I’m a bit crazed like that. Only about a few things though. Last night we picked up […] Read more

Built a Sanctum

One of the features that sold me on the house we live in was the awesome workspace in the garage. I immediately fell in love with the wall-to-wall pegboard, wide and deep storage cabinets, heavy-duty fans, and the sweet corner benches. I dreamed about the garage and all the col things I would do when […] Read more

The Rules

I’ve been getting some feedback from my previous article here at DWH. And while I appreciate any and all suggestions, let’s lay down some ground rules here, shall we? A few weeks back I visited the Franconia Brewing Company located in McKinney, Texas. For anyone who hasn’t been there for their weekly tour, it’s $5 […] Read more

The Fax of Life: a Bonus Joe Vampire Short

DWHLuna here, hard at work on a bunch of new written projects, the biggest and boldest of which is refreshing the Joe Vampire Series. Soon, there will be new covers, new short stories and bonus features and a new full-length novel. And another one after that, too. For now, I’ve stumbled upon a bonus post […] Read more

Save your photos, marriage.

As parents we all seem to be taking a decent amount of pictures – mostly of our kids, with the occasional landscape shot for posterity (and maybe a few of our spouse when we’re trying to catch them off guard).  And why not?  Back when we were kids, our parents had to spend a few […] Read more


For years my mother used to embarrass me in front of my friends’ parents telling them how hard it was to buy me pants. She always admitted that finding the “husky” size designation at Sears was one of the best things that happened when it came to buying me jeans every summer before school year […] Read more

How High? Ten High!

Wide, open clear Texas night deer-chicken fry High plains drifters, wild horses and Ten High After my best friend Lord Seamus passed on and I learned to partake of the Western Hemisphere whiskey/bourbon milieu, I went a little (ok, very) hog wild.  Not that I was/am particularly discriminating, but even by my standards I kind […] Read more

Steaks and Whisky

If you’re trying to get my attention you could do worse than putting up a neon sign that says steaks. Putting another next to it that says whisky and you’ve made two points that I can’t argue against. This is how we found Josephine Street Cafe in San Antonio. We had been walking the river […] Read more

Life As A Single Dad (exhibition match)

Let’s get to know me a little bit better. I’m in my mid-30’s, live in the DFW area and have been blissfully married for almost 12 years. The fruits of my marriage come in the forms of Benjamin (6) and Aaron (2). Most people use terms like “blissfully” with some level of sarcasm, but I […] Read more

Why We’re Wrong Wednesday: It’s your turn

We’re husbands. We’re wrong a lot. Will we admit it? Will we even recognize it? No. But, that’s why we have you, our beloved spouses. We need your help. Crystal has been doing a great job of telling us why we’re wrong since the beginning of the year. She is a wife and mother of […] Read more

The Need For Speed Movie: Cinema Not To Be Skipped

Yes. You read that right. Allow me to clarify. The first time I played a Need For Speed game was actually the first Need For Speed game, released in 1994 as a year-long exclusive on the 3DO “Interactive Multiplayer” – Road & Track Presents The Need For Speed. On a slow summer day at GameTrader […] Read more

Driven Under

My sixteen-year-old tested for her driver’s license on Friday, the last big hurrah of her junior year spring break. Not surprisingly, she passed with flying colors. She’s spent a ton of time on the road with her mom as coach (I’m a little too “instruct-y” for her comfort level) and was fully ready for it. […] Read more

Get Shredded

As you can tell by the title, today we are going to get shredded! No not the Guy with No Shirt kind of shredded! Sorry people, this is not the post to read if you want to look like that. This is the post you read to make you hungry! Or right before you know you […] Read more

Be More Awesome – Taking the side roads

I made one resolution this year and that was to be more awesome. This is one of the ways I intend to do that. We took a road trip this past week. It was fairly short as far as road trips go, but if it involves a cooler full of snacks and blankets in the car […] Read more

vs War On Breastfeeding

I don’t lactate. Unfortunately, the lack of dairy in my chest and the fact that my children are beyond suckling age had left me in the dark to a swelling aggression.  I, like so many that are removed from the day-to-day nursing struggles of new mothers, was unaware that a war had been brewing—a war […] Read more

Curiosity Severely Bruised The Cat

My brother-in-law passed out. Faceplanted on the delivery room floor. The nurses dragged him to the hallway and left him there, bleeding. At least until the happy event was complete. Me? I was tough. Muy macho. My heart rate barely climbed over its steady walking pace. I held my wife’s hand, rubbed her head and […] Read more

Kenya Peaberry Blues

For the record, I’m a little peeved at myself for not suggesting my column be called Caffeinated Tangents BEFORE we came up with the stupid name… The Grind. Really, Jason? Anyhow, I met the Head-Dumb-White-Husband-In-Charge (heretofore known as the HDWHIC) Benjamin Tiberius Wallace back in college. And I imagine he discovered I had a knack for […] Read more

Got Yard Guys

You read the title and say to yourself, “Huh?” It’s okay. Great ideas are often confusing at first. But since this is a story and I’m a storyteller, I’ll fill you in on how I came to one of the most liberating decisions I have ever made. A couple of weeks ago I discussed how […] Read more

Who’s Fascinated with Space?

It was supposed to have been the 3rd landing on the moon. Not only are the events a shining example of America’s fortitude and ingenuity but it reminded us all of how small and fragile we are. Lovell, Swigert and Haise were met with an explosion 200,000 miles from Earth that guaranteed they wouldn’t experience […] Read more