January 2014

Tonight on Dumb White Husband – Red Dawn

Dumb White Husband Movie Night is back and tonight we’re watching the new Red Dawn. You don’t want to miss this one.Join us tonight for Dumb White Husband Movie Night by following along on Twitter #dwhmn What we’re watching: The remake of Red DawnHow we’re watching it: It’s currently available on Netflix. Where we’re watching […] Read more

The Tiger Mother & Diet Mountain Fire Water

Once upon a time there was a boy. This boy loved playing music. He loved playing music so much that he spent hours and hours every day practicing which annoyed the hell out of his older sister. Despite the very realistic threats of death and dismemberment she bore down upon him, the boy refused to […] Read more

Dumb White Husband Movie Night: Red Dawn

Dumb White Husband Movie Night is back!We’re all grown up and have nothing better to do with our Friday nights so we’re all going to sit together and watch a movie.And, we want you to join us. This week we’re watching the remade Red Dawn. With the possible exception of Tango & Cash, no movie […] Read more

Googling “How to Be a Man” is Wrong

Dear husbands, Maybe you should try to not Google “how to be a man” or any other equivalent that would be considered a rite of passage into manhood. That statement now brings me to a furry animal (because it wouldn’t be the internet without a furry animal). My husband was recently faced with a problem […] Read more

Automobilia vs. Automobiles

So I have the distinct pleasure and privilege of being a senior auctioneer for the World’s Largest Collectible Auction House, Heritage Auctions. If you’re not familiar with auctions or never heard of Heritage Auctions, the short explanation is Heritage sells all those unique items that interesting people collect!  Are you interesting? Do you like stuff? […] Read more

Getting Started. Werewolves, Cavemen and the C-Word.

If you happened to see last week’s post you already know that, from the beginning, my fitness goal was inextricably tied to the werewolf species.  This week’s post talks about what came next. Lots of people ask me how I did it. How I got to how I am today and how I keep it up […] Read more

vs. Nothing Funny

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks around here, but, I must be honest, nothing too funny has happened. We spent a few days in Vegas last week and that was fun. But, not terribly funny. We finally got to meet DWH Steven Luna and his lovely wife in person. And that was a lot […] Read more

Things You Forget… Until You Go to Vegas

I’ve only been to Las Vegas once before, and the most indelible geographic memory I have is the Klingon voice narrating the stops over The Verve’s “Bittersweet Symphony” on the tram along the strip.  But last weekend, I was back in the Big Snapple (that’s what they call it…right?) with my lovely wife to meet […] Read more

The Crown of Canada

When those we love bestare dead and gone, Crown gives comfortfor loss to the beyond. I’ll admit it, I had a lot of doubts about whiskey from the Western Hemisphere.  No offense, but Scotland and Ireland are the true source of all good libations from which the rest of God’s Earth takes succor and nothing will […] Read more

“The Primes of my Life”

After a turbulent and bumpy jeep ride from Songkla to a small French hospital in the outskirts of Bangkok, I was born 37 years ago. Yes, today is my birthday. No… please, hold your applause. Seriously guys, you are too kind. As one gets older up into middle age, you can’t help but reflect a […] Read more

Just Meat and Potatoes

Everyone loves burritos right? Especially ones full of yummy meat, potatoes and cheese, right? Don’t tell me I’m the only one. *looks around* I’m not, that’s what I thought. When I was going to college one of my favorite splurges was the Green Chile meat burrito at the snack bar in the Agriculture building. This […] Read more


Ben Wallace hates cats. This is a known fact. I, on the other hand, quite like them. Long-time readers of the site may remember Ben’s delight in telling the story of the sinister Mr. Jim, alias the Cat Boogeyman.  He turned a genuinely heartwarming story of feral catch/fix/release into the feline version of Friday The 13th. […] Read more

Be More Awesome: Reading

I made one resolution this year and that was to be more awesome. This is one of the ways I intend to do that.   I write books. It was a love of reading that drove me to it. I use to average a book a week. Becoming a parent slowed that down which I think […] Read more

vs. the Top of the World

Whenever my dad asked his mother-in-law how she was doing she always said, “Top of the World.” My grandmother passed away two weeks ago today. On my birthday. (I’m not trying to make this about me; I just want the extra sympathy.) This is sad. Tremendously sad. She was wonderful and full of fun. She […] Read more

Without a ‘Net

A few weeks ago – on Sunday, December 29th, at precisely 8:00 pm, a moment that will live in darkness in my heart for a very long time—my internet connection went out. Turns out there was a little billing snafu at the cable company and the plug had been pulled by the ruthless robots who […] Read more

The Lone Ranger Movie Review

I watched the new Lone Ranger movie with the kids the other day. I had wanted to see this movie despite its poor reception at the box office, with critics, with all ten people that paid to see it, my neighbor’s friend who knew a guy who saw it and most of Western civilization. Because how […] Read more

Blue Tooth…the mullet of the future!

I pushed the flat plastic seat. Arcing forward and up, backward and down, backward and up, forward and down. His laughter bounced across the neatly manicured park, over driveway parked Bentleys and Mercedes Benz’. Long hanging chains clinked over a layer of rust flaking over the hooks connecting swing to a-frame. Three small clouds took permanent, […] Read more

Our Collection is Wrong

Dear Husband: You are wrong about “the collection” After you move in with your beautiful, bright and shiny new wife and unpack your belongings, you become wrong — immediately. Women have spent our childhood dreaming of our home; we are hardwired for nesting and preparing the home. We have Pinterest boards, scrapbooks and magazines dedicated to […] Read more

vs. Self-Driving Cars

The future is here.  Well, almost. They say the self-driving car is on the way. IHS Automotive, one group that says such things, predicts that by 2025 we’ll be adding 230,000 self-driving cars to the road every year. By 2035 that number will rise to 12 million a year. I love cars. I love everything […] Read more

Introducing The Collector

Wolverine’s claws. The Terminator’s arm. Buzz Aldrin’s underwear. This guy’s job is pretty amazing. Here’s Jacob. I have a unique and almost mystical profession. In the last few years I’ve experienced a number of age related milestones, which have forced me to evaluate my goals, expectations and intentions in life. I keep coming back to […] Read more

Introducing the Guy With No Shirt

So, I recently discovered I’ve become “that guy.” And, it’s weird because I think we all try pretty hard not to be him. But I am. And now that I am I think I’ll go with it, because it’s really not half bad.  It started innocently enough with a chick-flick and a new year’s resolution. Which […] Read more